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  • It Takes a World: A Tribute to the Strangers Who Held Our Babies for a Moment and Touched Our Hearts Forever… (5/24/2017)- When our twin girls were two months old, we traveled overnight from New York City to Cleveland on an Amtrak. We rented a small sleeper cabin — equipped with a sink, table, bunk beds, storage space, and a toilet (which I would not recommend using). Although the cabin was out of our budget, it was worth splurging […]
  • Good Naked, Bad Naked, and Naked Parenting (5/4/2017)- “I can’t look anymore — I’ve seen too much!” This classic line from the iconic TV show Seinfeld, was Jerry’s response to observing his girlfriend struggle to open a jar of pickles in the nude. As is often the case, Jerry was tapping into a universally relatable situation. When Jerry shares his experience with his […]
  • Buzzed Parenting (9/26/2016)- Twin of the Day – Clementine: My wife and I attended a friend’s wedding this past weekend — without the girls. After surviving my first month as a stay-at-home dad, I decided to tie one off. I planned on front loading my drinking, so that I’d be sober by the time we relieved the babysitter. […]