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Are You Not Entertained?

Twin of the Week – Penny: Michelle and I have both been sick in the past month, and still have lingering colds. Yet, the girls will not let us rest. Our extended family is back in the midwest. A nanny is beyond our budget. We’ve thought about shelving this experiment. We made it 4 months. We gave it our best. However, rather than throwing in the towel, we’ve made some parental adjustments to preserve  our own sanity. Clementine seems to be handling this transitionary period with ease, but as expected, Penny is not pleased.

“Help! Help! Someone dial 911!”

“Sweetie, I’m right here! What’s wrong?!”

“OMG! Are you okay, daddy? I thought you were having a seizure.”

“Huh? A seizure? You’re kidding, right? — I was dancing.” Continue reading Are You Not Entertained?

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Girl Power

Twin of the Week – Clementine: As a responsible parent of the 21st Century, I’ve been closely observing the girls for the purpose of tracking their developmental milestones. Within the first few months, Penny has been consistently outpacing Clemmy with regards to the major behavioral benchmarks. At nearly four-months old, they’re both able to raise their own head and chest when lying on their stomach. On the other hand, Penny has been consistently reaching, grasping, and swatting objects, while Clemmy seems to be completely disinterested in the outside world. She will occasionally make contact with objects within her reach, but it’s clearly unintentional. Lately, I’ve been deliberately guiding her hands toward various objects to demonstrate her capabilities, and stimulate her development.

“Daddy, will you please stop forcing me to hit things?!”

“Oh, you noticed?”

“Of course, I noticed! I’m laying around minding my own business — when suddenly I find my hand engaging in acts of violence.” Continue reading Girl Power

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Modern Dad

Twin of the Week — Clementine: As a stay-at-home dad, I try to get out of the house as much as possible. Me and the girls spend a lot of time walking our dog, and visiting various establishments around the neighborhood. Wherever we go, I’m showered with glowing praise: “Look at daddy with the girls!” “You’re doing that all by yourself?!” “My husband could never take care of one baby, let alone two. Your wife’s a lucky lady.” I’m not sure if I deserve such accolades but I’ll take it — on the other hand, Clementine is a little confused by this seemingly unmerited praise.

“Daddy, I don’t get it.”

“Get what, sweetie?”

“All the compliments.”

“You don’t think I’m a good dad?” Continue reading Modern Dad

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Backseat Parenting

Twin of the Day – Penny: As new parents, my wife and I are already accustomed to receiving unsolicited advice from complete strangers. My wife even experienced this phenomenon while she was pregnant with our twin girls. At seven months, she had a particularly awkward encounter with a Starbucks barista:

“Hi, I’d like a grande iced coffee with soy milk.”

“Decaf, right?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“I’ve just never seen a pregnant woman get coffee.” Continue reading Backseat Parenting