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How to Survive Without Health Insurance

A year ago, everyone in the family had health insurance. As of this writing, our dog is the only creature in the household with coverage. Without notice, Empire BlueCross recently canceled our policy. We’re in the process of appealing the cancellation; in the mean time, our baby girls are left without coverage during the most vulnerable stage of their life. At 10-months old, they also just started crawling and climbing, increasing the odds of accidental injury. I’m trying to keep a cool head, but Penny quickly noticed a change in my demeanor.

“Daddy, can you swing me around?

“Not now, sweetie.”

“Airplane ride?”

“No, sweetie.”

“How about just toss me in the air?”

“Nope.” Continue reading How to Survive Without Health Insurance

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Cat’s Shit in the Cradle

The pets are revolting! Our beagle has been peeing in the bathroom for over a month. Recently, our cat pooped in a crib — while a baby was sleeping. I walked into the nursery to discover Clemmy rolling in cat shit — covered from head to toe. I stood slack jawed for a good 10-15 seconds in utter disbelief. On the other hand, Clemmy seemed completely unfazed — that is, until she googled it.

“Daddy, are you real?”

“Come again, sweetie?”

“Are you real or a hallucination?” Continue reading Cat’s Shit in the Cradle