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Introducing: The Woke Dad Podcast (Ep. 1)

The Woke Dad Podcast, Episode 1: Stay-at-home Dads are a Cancer

Woke Dad done got himself a podcast! In this inaugural episode, I welcome my wife/renowned psychologist, Dr. Michelle Sheets, Ph.D. We open with a frank discussion about our insecurities as a stay-at-home dad and a working mom. We go on to discuss corporal punishment (spanking), developmental milestones, pet euthanasia, and breadwinner moms.

Spanking: Michelle was surprised to learn that a close friend spanks his toddler, which prompted Dean to review the laws on corporal punishment. “You can legally hit your kids in all 50 states!”

Developmental Milestones: The girls are doing great, but Dean has not been impressed. “I’ll be excited when they can feed themselves and use the toilet. I’m looking forward to the milestones that impact MY LIFE!”

Pet Euthanasia: Michelle questions if it’s time to put down their 14-year-old beagle. “Many people would’ve put him down after he started pooping in the house — and then seeing their baby holding a piece of poop — uncertain if she had just taken a bite of it.”

Working Moms: When Dean first floated the idea of staying home to raise the girls, Michelle’s response was less than enthusiastic. “I didn’t want my husband to be the one to get to stay home with the baby. If anyone had that option I wanted it to be me.”

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