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Ep. 6: Fetal Abduction: A Conversation with Dr Ann Burgess of Boston College/FBI Profiler

[WARNING: Some content in this episode may disturb some listeners.] In this episode, my wife and I open up about miscarriages, wellness checks, and alarmist pediatricians. I also chat with Professor Ann Burgess on the subject of “fetal abduction”. Ann is an internationally recognized pioneer in the assessment and treatment of victims of trauma and abuse. The phenomenon known as fetal abduction seems to defy all logic and challenges us to confront an unthinkable crime. Fetal abduction refers to the crime of child abduction by murder of an at term pregnant mother and extraction of her fetus through a crude cesarean section. Ann & I discussed criminal profiles, gender (women commit roughly 20% of violent crimes, but 95% of fetal abductions), motive (“it’s more about drawing attention and cementing relationships than obtaining a baby.”, the influence of culture and social media, and legal insanity.

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